Bangkok Water : Private Label Drinking Water in Thailand

Bangkok Water: Your Solution for Private Label Drinking Water in Thailand

At Bangkok Water, we offer custom drinking water production for everyone, with bottle sizes ranging from 350ml to 1500ml. Our drinking water is produced using reverse osmosis system, sterilized with ultraviolet light and ozone to ensure the highest quality standards.

Our production process is convenient and reliable, with strict supervision of color, smell, taste, and maintaining the most neutral values. We provide the most natural drinking water without any artificial color, smell, or flavor added.

We also offer a branding service for our clients, including auspicious, popular, chic, and cute names for your brand. We provide consultation services for all brands of drinking water, including rebranding your existing product to increase its popularity.

At Bangkok Water, we understand that starting a business can be costly, and we offer several options to help make your brand visible to consumers without breaking the bank. With a small investment of ten thousand baht, you can make your own brand of drinking water. We offer free FDA approval, free label design, and free shipping for our clients.

Our production time is fast, with a turnaround time of just one month. Our prices are affordable, allowing you to sell your product for a profit. Most importantly, our drinking water is clean, safe and reliable.

If you’re looking for a private label drinking water manufacturer in Thailand, look no further than Bangkok Water. Contact us to get started today!

Bangkok Water
Phone : +66 9266 41440

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